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Taiwan-funded economic

Le 28 mars 2015, 08:23 dans Humeurs 0

 but the consensus was written into the joint communique between the two countries and therefore, in order to visit the United States for support Tsai Ing-wen, we must first solve the problem of cross-strait policy, but does not allow the DPP cross-strait issues is vague, but also can not blurred.Huai'an City, Jiangsu County of Taiwan-funded efforts to promote economic development, to the County of Taiwan-funded economy as a breakthrough point, and strive to build Taiwan-funded enterprises clusters, crack Taiwan-funded economic development "bottleneck." County of Taiwan-funded accelerated economic development, a Taiwan-funded economic development Huaian new engine.Taiwan enterprises to find out the number and distribution of the county, be aware of. Huai'an City, Taiwan-funded enterprises to carry out visits to the investigation, to find out the number of Taiwan-funded entnike air max 90 hyperfuse saleerprises, and do statistical analysis of Taiwan-funded enterprises situation, find out the "real situation."Taiwan-funded demonstration area using national platform, so that the foot path. District (county) approved the use of Huaian National Taiwan-funded enterprises industrial transfer demonstration zone cluster service opportunities, attract more Taiwanese SMEs in the area (county) gather to form the county station

assets industry clusters to promote Taiwan-funded county economy, "a County, One Product ", the development of Taiwan-funded economic characteristics of the county.Practice and upgrade 101 service brand, to serve effectively. District (county) Taiwan Affairs Office of Taiwan Service Center by hanging sign, each additional Taizixiangmu services office park development, improve county-level service network, serving 101 cities and counties (districts) two Taiwanese service coverage. Invested by Taiwan enterprises to build, primarily in Taiwan flower Maanshan City, Anhui Province Hua Boyuan Taiwan today officially opened. Since then, the addition of a Ma'anshan City public good place for leisure.It is understood that, in addition to the East China has the largest orchid cultivation base within Hua Boyuan, there are more other colorful flowers, such as Taiwan cherry, wisteria, yellow locust, plum, etc., is a model of a horse Taiwan agriculture cooperation.Currently, Taiwan Hua Boyuan has been ide  nike air max 95 mens  ntified as the municipal tourism demonstration sites, in accordance with national 4A level scenic standards meticulously, major construction

projects to highlight the "three areas along the five Park": area, involving leisure zone; three areas, agricultural science and technology area, flower gardening, ecological recreation area; five parks, science parks, logistics parks, ecological parks, tissue culture park, science park. Taiwan's statistics agency announced Feb. latest employment survey, the unemployment rate fell to 3.69 percent continued, a drop of 0.02 percentage points from last month, the highest in nearly 15 years earlier lows, showing Taiwan unemployment situatnike air max 97 onlineion has improved significantly.Data show that in February, the number of unemployed was 42.8 million people in Taiwan, dropped in 2000, total employment amounted to 1116 million, annual growth rate of 1.29%. The agency officials Luo Yiling noted that the unemployment rate improved to allow younger has always been high, and highly educated unemployment rate in 2014 compared with the same month were significantly decreased.But the overall job market is still a lack of people, according to 1111 Job Bank statistics show that the number of online job opportunities overall 43 million transactions, annual growth

might repeat the mistakes of

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fundamental"Tsai is hard to match the cross in front of her two hurdle --- 'Two Sides, One' and 'Taiwan independence' agenda." Minister Chen Shui-bian "ruling" period, the former Taiwan "National Security Council Advisory Committee," Shu Chin-chiang said that if you do not solve these two problems in one, might repeat the mistakes of 2011 when calling Tsai visit.Shu Chin-chiang, "said one of the two sides," and "Taiwan independence" program is the DPP handling cross-strait relations, "Achilles heel." But if the DPP to deal with "one of the tw  salomon speedcross 3 cs menso sides," the problem in different ways options, including the use of "1992 Memorandum of Understanding", "spirit of '92", or restore "National Unification Guidelines" (his preface to "one China" in principle). "The deal with 'Taiwan independence' program is more simple, is to 'Taiwan independence' program considered to be historical documents, historical documents do not become an obstacle to make the development of cross-strait peace."Shu Chin-chiang that the "Taiwan independence" program has become the DPP not shirk, but now require the DPP to abandon the "Taiwan independence" program is probably

impractical, but regard it as a historical document of the past, we will not back see, but to look forward is possible. "The DPP should seriously look at Shi Blue Flag conversation, serious face '1992 consensus' and propose alternative solutions or response."However, the delay does not indicate cross-strait policy Tsai Ing-wen, an expert on the United States in the Taiwan Strait ShelleyRigger that in recent years the people of Taiwan on cross-strait relations and promote real "Taiwan independence" adventurous enthusiasm subside  salomon xt hornet shoes  d, the evolution of cross-strait relations become more cautious conservative attitude. Taiwanese voters require any general election candidate should have a safe cross-strait policy, Taiwan will not have disastrous consequences, "but that can be said Tsai Ing-wen in my opinion do not meet this requirement."ShelleyRigger pointed out that Taiwan on cross-strait relations to a select range of debate has been greatly reduced. Unity and "independent" as two highway road, although the polarization of partisanship, but Taiwan's internal political dialogue between the two yellow lines just to take a middle road, other areas are considered unrealistic, not valid not useful and give up. The next two years within Taiwan on cross-strait relations will have intensive debate, but not primarily

"unification or independence" of the dispute, but to see who can lead Taiwan out of economic difficulties, but also to be accepted continent. She said that Taiwan's current regardless of the direction of "independence" or unity, which direction can not do, but the wrong thing Taiwan leaders may put a mess.And for the DPP on finding alternatives "on both sides of one", the former Director of the US Office in Taipei, the current US Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Foundation Paal, vice president of research at the US local time on the 24th, said China President Xi Jinping recently for conversation cross-strait relations, showing the "1992 consensus, one China" is the bottom line of the mainland to Taiwan election.He said this with Xi Jinping, "a solid foundatisalomon xt hornet menson, the earth was moving," the strong wording to clarify the mainland, "one China" The bottom line insistence, "So, Taiwan candidates seek alternative space is small, not even too likely. "Although the United States on the "1992 consensus" issue, never asked the DPP must adhere to, but Paal believes that "the two sides in a" consensus of the United States and China,

the DPP how can build trust

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revisit old tune, apparently on cross-strait policy Tsai still doubts. Tsai said, 'the two sides need to maintain peace and stability', having said good, but how maintain peace and stability  DPP does not recognize the '1992 consensus', fails to provide sufficient to allow the parties to convince the state programs, the DPP how can build trust with the mainland and the United States  no basis for mutual trust, how can Good interactionsalomon speedcross 3 cs womens  and from how to build consensus  "While another DPP grassroots veteran politicians --- reelection sixth DPP Taichung Members Hemin Cheng interview a few days ago, said that the mainland's economic strength gradually robust, highly developed is the fact that the DPP should continue to self upgrade, so that both sides agree that more people advocate is eligible, as long as the majority of public support, modify the "Taiwan independence" party platform is entirely possible. learn Wen-Je Ko as "a pro-strait" instead of "one of the two sides' statements In fact, the DPP and Tsai delay did not disclose their future cross-strait policy, issues cards in the "two sides, one of the" problem. In this regard,

Frank Hsieh told Taiwan media said, for "both sides of one," he believes Tsai has a solution, but this approach may be able to find an alternative to the "1992 consensus" program."Wen-Je Ko's 'on both sides of a pro' argument is perhaps the best way to President Cai top priority handling cross-strait relations." A source close to the top of the DPP DPP think tank interview with this reporter, said the DPP and Tsai seems, as "a pro-strait" is the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the concept of Taiwan affairs, therefore, believe that the DPP and Tsai Ing-wen, if "both sides of a parent" to replace "one of the two sides." core of the "1992 consensus", or you can blur the DPP cross-strait policy, "This is Wen-Je Ko order to avoid '1992 consensus' and cited references to the General Secretary Xi Jinping exchanges with the mainland new version."However, the PFP mainike air max 97 for sale  nland affairs director and chairman of Pingtung County, Taiwan is also a former President of the National Bureau of the Assembly chief Lin Yuan Xi view, both Wen-Je Ko, or DPP and Tsai Ing-wen, if you want to use the "cross-strait a pro" argument replace the "1992 consensus" is tantamount to Tsai Wen-Je Ko and did not understand the mainland's Taiwan policy.Lin Yuan Xi said Taipei Mayor Wen-Je Ko media for the

 "1992 consensus," the question, saying first quoted Xi Jinping, said the premise of cross-strait exchanges and mutual love is mutual trust and understanding, not ideology, and love is a pro on both sides, there are The idea that something can go forward together for a better future. "It looks like high-sounding, but Wen-Je Ko forget, 'both sides of a pro' is the way to approach the work of the mainland's Taiwan issue, which does not involve sovereignty and territorial issues, and the '1992 consensus' indicates that the fact that Taiwan is part of China, it is a principle issue. "Lin Yuan Xi said Wen-Je Ko looks as if opportunistic, very smart, but the key is that he will not accept the continent this deceitful practice, Wen-Je Ko formulation currently on cross-strait relations is also a lack of integrity, particularly that he did not accept the "1992 Consensus "It gave him the formation of a" cap ", as long as he can not break this limit, even if he has no amount of clever, I am afraid it is difficult to obtain breakthrough results in cross-strait relations."I think this is not clear Tsai, Wen-Je Ko old go to 'both sides a pro' instead of '1992 consensus' will not nike air max 95 for salework." Lin Yuan Xi said. former US chief representative in Taiwan thinkOnly the "1992 consensus" is on both sides of the

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